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Feedback on Coaching / Mentoring

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Steve Brown #Kudos Without you I'd be lost. Thanks for your support! #AmazingMentor
At [large global company], thanks for bringing in the new wave of empathetic culture with your amazing amazing trainings and messages that makes the talent glued to their employee seats... Wish to continue lifelong learning with you!! We are blessed to have you ! #Kudos I really appreciate the guidance you provided..

As a result of working with Steve I have taken some steps to put myself out there more in my business. His warm, approachable coaching presence along with his gentle, yet powerful, questions enabled me to confront some limiting beliefs and assumptions that were holding me back and created a path for me to move forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a coach!

Susan S.

Feedback on Leadership Training

Although I was not a part of the conversation, the whole team is pouring in their feedback and gratitude for having Steve conduct this meeting.

“Steve did a fantastic job with all of this and it makes me feel like we have a really great starting point…”


I never thanked you for your career coaching advice.  The last 6 months have been a blur and I owe you thanks.  July 1st was given an opportunity at a new role on my team.  I took it and couldn’t be happier.  The advice and skills you and your team taught me was extremely valuable in navigating this situation.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Kaitlyn I.

Steve, after your training all managers have started working on IDPs of their senior and critical resources. We are having follow up meetings these days. Before the training, performance Management was boring and dreadful for us. Now after the training, it is going to be exciting and motivating. Thank you very much for making it happen.

Regards, G.B.

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