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Steve Brown Consulting


“very easy to be open with”

What I Do

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Leadership (not management) is the key to business success and that's true if you are a Fortune 100 corporation or a 30 person start-up. Although I've spent decades working for some of the largest companies in the world, I truly enjoy working with smaller companies where having an internal training department is not yet feasible.


Development topics often include consulting on the best organizational structure, providing training to get to the next level, team building, and even core training on US employment and HR law.

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Freud said that happiness is to love and to work. If that's true then there is ultimate synergy when we love what we do for work. I've worked with hundreds of early to mid-career adults who would like to consider the path they are on or design a path for the future.


Stephen Covey said it is a shame to spend a lifetime climbing the corporate ladder only to find it's leaning against the wrong building. My structured approach to career development starts by understanding where your strengths are and what makes your heart happy. 

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I have accumulated 1,000's of hours working with couples who are often at a very profound decision point - continue forward to pick separate paths.


I'm passionate about helping to improve damaged relationships as well as helping to get budding relationships get off to a great start. Let's discuss your goals and see if working with me would be a good fit. 

Steve Brown


Steve founded SteveBrownConsulting in 2007 to provide career coaching, leadership development, and relationship coaching.  

Steve has a passion for helping people reach their full potential, and has been recognized for his unique approach, blending personal insight with action. 


In his corporate career, Steve served as Director of Organizational Development for both Nationwide Insurance and The Avis Budget Group. He led the idea of internal coaching / mentoring programs while at ADP in the late 90's. Since then he has developed internal coaching / mentoring practices at Nationwide Insurance, First Consumers National Bank, Avis, Siemens, and has helped colleagues establish similar programs in their organizations. 


Steve has been a leadership coach for 28 years. For several years in the 90's he also had a private clinical practice for Marriage Therapy. He is a graduate of George Fox University with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as an MS in Business Management from Concordia College. In addition he has training from the Coach Training Institute. 

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